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How My Farmshare Made Me a Better Therapist

Joining a CSA farm share this summer brought unexpected gifts for me. In this post I talk about how my farm share experience helped me to practice what I preach. Writing this story reminded me of the importance of nurturing myself deeply and how critical that is to... read more

A Simple Tool to Help You Reboot Throughout Your Day.

Therapists have a lot going on all day. In this brief video, I share a simple practice that I call the “3 Breath Reset” that you can do any time during your day.  It can help you take care of yourself and also focus more clearly on the person or task in front of you.... read more

A Gift of Self-Care for Therapists

Therapists need self-care, not just for personal wellbeing, but to nurture and sustain professional functioning. The tool of your trade as a therapist is you. So making sure that you maintain your own well being isn’t a luxury, it’s crucial to your ability to do your... read more

Is Your Job Impossible?

You may love your work, but find your job simply cannot be done. Not if you were to truly accomplish all that was expected of you and all that you expected of yourself.   We live in a culture that values productivity and perfection, and we are becoming increasingly... read more

The Movie Inside Out is a Great Resource for Therapists

Wo – Pixar just made a movie about the inner emotional life of a child! I love it!  I love that the topics of mind and memory and pre-adolescent development and the role of parenting made their way into a popular animated movie, “Inside Out”. And I love... read more

Why You Need a Hammock in Your Office

You might be thinking – Are you kidding? I’m lucky if I get a bathroom break. I previously wrote a post, Appreciation for the Important Work that You Do.   I opened with the acknowledgement that therapy, while fulfilling and meaningful is really challenging and hard... read more

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